WonderKids Club

Think your little one is wonderful? Join the club!

WonderKids Club™ is an enrichment program that extends the Le Petit Gym experience for children ages 3 and 4. Each three-hour WonderKids Club combines a Funny Bugs and/or Giggle Worms class with active learning and instructor-led, immersive play. Center activities, arts and crafts projects, story time, and creative play all reinforce the week’s Learning Unit and theme.

For WonderKids, the Club offers a three-hour interactive learning experience, a three-hour structured play session and a three-hour exploration of their innate sense of wonder. For parents, WonderKids Club provides three hours of much-needed grown-up time and the confidence that their children are happy and growing in a safe, structured, familiar environment.

Joining WonderKids Club doesn’t require a special password or a long-term commitment. All children ages 3 and 4 may join, regardless if they also participate in another program at Le Petit Gym. WonderKids can enroll for as little as one session at a time, or as much as the entire Season. Speak with a team member about joining WonderKids Club today!